Carbon Offset - fruit trees

In our spring 2019 season we had 117 singers. Based on our calculations, the potential transportation carbon footprint for that one season was 8181.808kg of CO2 emissions, or about 18,000 pounds. We need to plant 87 trees that will be cared for and tended for 10 years to offset our spring season. Want to join us?

There are three ways to get involved:

  1. Place an order here and pick them up on Thursday Oct 17th in downtown Asheville.

  2. Don’t have space where you live? Donate funds and we’ll find a home for your tree! Sliding scale $5 - $23

  3. Buy and plant your own tree(s) or berry bushes and let us know how many you planted.

If you buy them here… WACC singer and plant grower Justin Holt has a selection of plants he has been tending for our singers to purchase and we’re looking forward to getting these planted into their new homes where they can flourish.

Here is what he has to buy:


Potted pawpaws:

  • Pawpaws: two year old seedlings, 8-18"

The Pawpaw is the largest Indigenous fruit of North America. It is a small deciduous tree native to the eastern United States and Canada, producing a large, yellowish-green to brown fruit and super yummy!

Bare root plants:

(These plants will be dug up at planting time, roots bagged with moist leaves, to be planted immediately):

  • Persimmons: two year old seedlings, 10-18"

  • Pecans: two year old seedlings of an early variety, 10-18"

  • Honey locust: two year old seedlings, special thornless and productive variety, 8-24"

  • Serviceberry: three year old plants, 12-24"+

  • Willow: whips for live-staking (stick it in the ground and it'll root), European varieties used in basketry/craft, bundles of 5

Semi-dwarf apple, bare root plants:


Modern and heirloom varieties, most trees are 3-4' tall, some taller, a few slightly smaller. These trees will be dug up at planting time, roots bagged with moist leaves, to be planted immediately.

Varieties available:

  • William's Pride

  • Gold Rush

  • Pome Gris

  • Lucious

  • Yates

  • Red Streak

  • Kingston Black

  • Chisel Jersey

  • Callaway crab apple

  • Ashmead's Kernel

  • Golden Pippin

More good news!

Do you want to plant a non fruiting tree and don’t have funds? Asheville GreenWorks is having a Fall Tree Giveaway! Register now and pick up your free tree on Oct. 13th.

Support WACC Financially!

Your contributions are deeply appreciated!

  • Scholarship Fund: Thank you for supporting local singers to attend WACC this season! We charge on a sliding scale so every dollar makes a difference.

  • Fisher Lane Studio: Want to help get us seated?

    • 10 backjack floor chairs $400

      • $40 = 1 backjack chair

This year WACC partnered with Community Roots in the Spring and with Asheville GreenWorks in the Fall.  Visit them both online for more information about these awesome organizations.

10% of our concert proceeds this fall will go towards Asheville GreenWorks.

Fisher Lane Studio, a music and dance studio nestled just north of town run by our WACC director, Suzannah Park. From this space we will be able to host more small vocal workshops, lessons and dance classes.

Thank you for your support!