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In 2008, Suzannah Park and her singing partner, Nathan Morrison, began WACC as a fun hometown project. It started with twelve friends singing in their living room and has since grown to around 100 singers per season. They co-led WACC through 2017, at which point Nathan moved on to other projects.

WACC programs often include songs from South Africa, the BalkansCaucasus Georgia, and American, Gospel & Shape Note traditions.



Over the years, 500+ singers of all ages and musical abilities have found their way to WACC. As a community we create a safe and fun space to find your voice.

What does it mean to be a WACCo?

  • We sing both sacred and secular songs, and WACC has no religious affiliation.

  • We are open and affirming of all bodies, minds, religions and ways of moving in the world.

  • As a community, we are committed to carpooling, composting and reducing our environmental impact on the earth.

  • We celebrate life and community with shared potluck meals and give back to our community through song and actions. 

Our Director

singer - teacher - activist

Suzannah is a playful and gifted teacher that can coax complex harmonies from her singers and has immeasurable belief in each singer’s abilities.

Her infectious love of music and community creates a welcoming and vibrant space that is the heart of WACC.

Suzannah comes from a family of three generations of traditional singers, storytellers and dancers. She'e been touring and teaching for the past 20+ years, both in the US and abroad.

Besides singing, dancing and teaching voice, Suzannah is the program director for local non-profit, Community Roots. While wearing that hat, she leads marches, flash mob dance parties in the streets, works with local people, artists, businesses, police officers and politicians and promotes dismantling all systems of oppression and division.

Not ready to join the choir yet and looking for vocal support? Join Suzannah for private voice lessons, small group workshops, or clogging lessons at her home studio.

I just want to say how much I have enjoyed being a part of WACC - (why did I wait until this year?!) I have sung in many different configurations, of all sizes from duos to 150 voices, and including a rather prestigious 40 voice concert choir at Furman University, back in the day - and I can honestly say that I have learned so much from you, and rank this among my most fabulous singing experiences. You are so very professional and well trained, at singing and instructing/leading, and you also bring so much personal love and enthusiasm that greatly enhances the experience of singing in your choir. I truly look forward to many years of singing with you! Thanks again for making life better through song.