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celebrating harmony in community 

Wild Asheville Community Chorus


Wild ASheville community chorus

Sing your heart out!

WACC is a musical adventure of harmony singing & living as members of our local and global communities. There are no wrong notes, only variations. We seek to fine tune to each other and our environment, and commit to making the world a sustainable and vibrant place for all.

We believe music opens our hearts.

Carbon Offset Fruit Tree Project

In our spring 2019 season we had 117 singers. Based on our calculations, the potential transportation carbon footprint for that one season was 8181.808kg of CO2 emissions, or about 18,000 pounds. We need to plant 87 trees that will be cared for and tended for 10 years to offset our spring season.

Want to join us in planting a fruit tree(s) or berry bushes?

Wanting to sing?

Check our events page for upcoming open sings and workshops!

We welcome new singers to join us for our Spring 2020 season when registration opens in February.

our mission

singing in harmony

We believe that there are no wrong notes, only variations. As our season glides past, we find our way to a shared understanding of which notes we’re trying to sing and when.

Songs, scales and languages from different parts of the world enhance our understanding of harmony and keep us thriving as part of a world wide musical community.


environmental & social justice

We do not turn a blind eye to the impact of a group our size meeting weekly. Nor do we ignore the privilege of money and time to attend a weekly group for fun.

We are committed to making singing available to everyone, regardless of anyone's financial situation. WACC is pleased to offer scholarship and has barter and work trade options as well.

As a group we focus on reducing our carbon footprint through carpooling, planting trees, composting, and educating and supporting each other to make changes in our lives.

We celebrate diversity in life while also looking at the impacts of cultural appropriation, genocide and colonization through the lens of music.


thriving in community

Singing together opens our hearts to one another and helps us to grow into our best selves. We carpool, share meals, dance, and connect and make friends through music. What a treat!

As members of WACC we are working towards a musical goal while living in and protecting these mountains of Western North Carolina. WACC is the magical and fun group it is because of our members and all our varied histories and talents.


Tonight’s rehearsal was Grand! Instructive, dramatic, meaningful, fun, full-voice singing. Having taught “parts” to singers for many years, I recognize the combined skills and attitudes that are You! Your light-hearted but serious approach is manna from heaven.
— Gail

I love being around you on a weekly basis. You are such a joy and I love the way you communicate and teach music.....It’s like you have us all under a magical spell that makes our hearts swell up and produce beautiful harmonies. It’s so different than any other choir I’ve ever been a part of.
— Jackie
I am loving singing with WACC! It’s just what I’ve been looking for - and I only wish it could last all year.

Here’s to the singers!

We’ve been singing & dancing here in these beautiful, old mountains since 2008. This is what community is all about!

Our Director

MY NAME IS Suzannah Park

I come from a family of three generations of traditional singers, storytellers and dancers. I’ve been touring and teaching for the past 20+ years, both in the US and abroad. Music, dance, community & connection is my passion.

At home here in Asheville, when not leading WACC or teaching voice students, I am the program director for local non-profit, Community Roots. I get to lead marches, dance parties in the streets, work with local folks, artists, businesses, police officers and politicians and promote dismantling all systems of oppression and division.